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UAB NEORUS is ambitious and a hard-working company which mission is to operate the best specialty retail business in North America and the European Union. We give our customers the best retail products values that they can find anywhere and to provide them with the information required to make informed buying decisions. We provide these with a dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction and customer services.


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Product Development

Mission: To create and develop useful and innovative products with our clients and partners worldwide.
Developing a product can be a hard and time-consuming process for everyone. We take the struggle by letting you relax because we have the most experienced team in our company, which can find ways to deal with all the hard steps and difficult processes.


Mission: To continually look for new ways to get our customers what they need quicker and cheaper.
We have trustworthy logistics partners all around the world, who are doing an amazing job by letting our products reach our customers at the best and fastest way.